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Coach Sample has arranged for new varsity uniforms this year, as well as a new suite of GHS Baseball sweatshirts, t-shirts and caps.

The hoodie and shirts, shown below, will be available for sale to parents, players and community members next week. Pricing and payment details to come.

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Coach Sample has announced several important dates for prospective baseball players and parents to put on their calendars.

TRYOUTS: Will run from Feb. 28 to March 4 at the GHS Field, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

TEAMS: Varsity, JV and, if enough players, JV-C,  rosters will be announced March 4.

PRACTICES: Will be held daily after school, 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. Saturday practices will be announced when appropriate; the first is March 5, 9 a.m. to noon.

GAME SCHEDULE: Has been posted on Schedule tab of site. Click here to view.

FUNDRAISERS: There will be two to raise money for the team.
— March 12: 100-inning game, 8 a.m. til done. Click here for pledge form to print.
— April 15: Spaghetti Dinner for community, 6:30 p.m. in Garfield HS Commons

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Before you go out and buy a new bat for this season, you may need an advanced degree in physics, kinesiology, and engineering, and a post-doctorate in bureaucratese.

The National Federation of High Schools has teamed with the Lowell Baseball Research Center at the University of Massachusetts to set new specs for bats in an effort to curb the rising number of injuries. [Click here for list.]

All manufacturers were required to submit their bats for testing on Ball-Exit Speed Ratio (BESR) and Batted-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR). Only bats certified as safe will be allowed for use in both NCAA and NFHS sanctioned baseball games. [Click here for explanation and lists at Washington State University Sport Science Laboratory website. Click here for more information at NCAA Baseball Bats Standards site.]

The rules are intended to limit bat performance at or near the maximum performance limits of a wood bat, thereby minimizing risks and ”promoting the sound traditions of the sport.”

Two of the dozens of approved bats

The NFHS has banned hollow composite bats unless they remain BESR-compliant after undergoing  a test called the  Accelerated Break-In (ABI) protocol. The test  is intended to confirm that as the bats break in, their performance does not improve beyond the BESR ball exit speed limit.

For the 2010-2011 academic school year, and through December 31, 2011, the following types of bats are legal:

1. Any aluminum BESR bat (listed as category A on the SSL website),

2. Any aluminum barrel BESR bat (listed as category A on the SSL site),

3. Any non-hollow (filled core) composite BESR bat (listed as category D on the SSL site),

4. Certain approved hollow composite BESR baseball bats (found on the NFHS website ,

5. Any solid (one piece) wood or wood laminate bat (listed as category B on the SSL site),

6. Any aluminum or composite BBCOR bat

The UMLBRC list is located here .  For bats that meet NFHS high school playing rules until December 31, 2011, go to the “League Approval” drop-down list (located at the bottom of the page) and select “NCAA 2010 Season”. For bats that meet NFHS high school playing rules on and after January 1, 2012, go to the “League Approval” drop-down list and select “NCAA 2011+ Seasons”.

The UMLBRC is responsible for updating and maintaining the list. If you have any questions, please contact the NFHS at baseballbatlist@nfhs.org

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Eligibility rules

Former Garfield baseball coach Joe Lucia wrote parents and prospective players today to remind them of strict high school athlete eligibility rules.

Our league has set a mandatory 10 day practice schedule before any player can compete in a game.  To meet the deadline, players must get their paperwork to Maria Medina in the school office as soon as practical. Waiting until late February will not work.

Players must also have a physical exam on file at school before they can practice. Exams are good for two years.  Joe recommends starting the process immediately.

Players who do not attend Garfield HS should recognize that it is even harder for them to establish eligibility.  Parents should start the process with Maria now, even if a player was on a Garfield team last year.

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Parents meet coaches

Coach Casey Sample held his first meeting with parents of prospective ballplayers on Tuesday night at Garfield.

He explained his goals for the program — not much, just to win the State 4A title — and discussed his expectations for practices, games and academics. He introduced his three assistant coaches, showed off the new uniforms and announced dates for two fund raisers.

Coach announced that tryouts will run the week of Feb. 28-March 4. He aims to create a 15-player varsity team and a 15-player junior varsity, but will also field a JV-C team if enough players try out.

Scott Honican, head of the team’s booster club, concluded with an appeal for three to four volunteers to serve on the board for the coming season. The club meets once a month with the coach to discuss the program. Interested parents should contact Scott at scotthonican@yahoo.com.

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